Professor Anne Applebaum
8pm Tuesday 27 November 2018

St Mary’s, Barnes

Professor Applebaum is a journalist and Pulitzer prize-winning historian who specializes in the history of Communism and its after-affects, both in the Soviet Union and in Central Europe. Anne’s latest book, Red Curtain: Stalin’s War on Ukraine (2017), explores the causes of the devastating Ukrainian famine of 1932-33. Applebaum points the finger squarely at Stalin. “Meticulously researched, blisteringly written… it will haunt you for ever” (Dominic Sandbrook, The Sunday Times). “The most important, as well as the best-written work of history this year” (Antony Beevor, BBC History magazine).

Anne is Professor in Practice at the LSE, where she runs a programme called Arena, which looks at disinformation, her term for fake news, and 21st century propaganda. We hope that Anne will have time to talk about her work in this field.

Anne has not only sat on the board of The Washington Post but also worked as the Foreign and Deputy Editor of The Spectator magazine, Political Editor of the Evening Standard, and as a columnist for The Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. She continues to write a column for The Washington Post. She is a visiting lecturer at Yale, Harvard, and Oxbridge universities.