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Members say:

‘Brilliantly run, don't know how you get the stellar speakers, but you do, and the meetings are a joy.’

‘Many congrats on an excellent evening.’ (on Summer Event)

‘The events just get better and better.’

‘What a great evening!’ (on Helen Macdonald)

‘Thank you for arranging such a great list of speakers and events, to discover all sorts of fascinating new authors and information.’

‘Harriett Gilbert was very good indeed.’

‘The events have been wonderful and the outing to Strawberry Hill House was an absolute joy.’

Authors say:

Thanks so much for the invitation... it was one of the best organised literary events I've spoken at. Great turnout, generous and intelligent questions, and slickly arranged. Thank you so much for your time and effort, hugely appreciated.
(Sathnam Sanghera, speaker)

It was lovely to see such a full house and with so many books sold.
(Jason Hewitt, speaker)

Members prepare to enjoy a talk by Bettany Hughes
at Barnes Methodist Church